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Rita and Peter have always been real enthusiasts of Italian cuisine, especially gelato!


Fed up with the daily grind, in 2014 armed with nothing more than their dreams and a baby blue ice cream van, they decided to toss aside their jobs and start making gelato in Rita`s home.


GELARTO was born.

The success of many local events brought up the opportunity to secure a permanent trading spot on Newbury’s High Street. Unique flavours and fresh gelato meant they became a regular stop for many locals, establishing a loyal customer base.

After two years the scene was set for their next step...

In 2016 they cooked up the idea of combining their beautiful gelato with freshly made sourdough pizzas and LUSSO was born.

“It has to be like being on holiday, in your own backyard.” said Rita

Staying true to the original vision of bringing quality ingredients and authentic Italian flavors together in a laid-back environment turned out to be a great success, and Lusso quickly became the coolest spot in Newbury.

In 2020 a branch in Didcot’s Orchard Centre opened up too and after weathering the storms during some initial tricky times has become a favourite hideaway for many happy customers.

Never wanting to stand still for too long brought the concept of JOY spreads.


Looking for a new challenge they found a gap in the market and decided to venture into the world of spreadable creams, but with a crunchy twist. Recreating their favourite gelato flavours like Ferrero Rocher, Raffaello, Bronte Pistachio, Kinder Bueno and Salted Caramel Biscuit and with more to come. The spreads are ideal for a number of applications, such as cake fillings, smothering waffles or pancakes, spread on bread, or simply spooning straight from the jar!

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